Version Issue

Hi. We have two versions of Revit in office 2016 and 2018. So we need to install dynamo 1.3.1 and 2.0.1 respectively. Some of the .dyn files which are developed on 2.0.1 are showing “curropt” when I try to open in 1.3.1. Will I need to develop the .dyn again in 1.3.1 to use in revit 2016?

1.3x uses XML file format, Dynamo 2.0 and above versions has changed from an XML based file format to JSON. You can’t open Dynamo 2.0.1 file in 1.3.1.


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Ok. Thanks @Kulkul.

For what it’s worth, 1.3.2 runs fine in both.

OK. Thanks for Update.

I have made a view scripts in 2.0.1. Is there a way to convert them to 1.3.1 automatically? Or I will have to make them again in 1.3.1?

There is no way to go backwards so you’re have to recreate them. If you accidentally upgraded a graph then you can get a 1.x version out of your backup folder.

Not automatic, but Node to Code can help, if your objective is to capture the workflow (and not the nodes)


  1. In ver 2.x, use Node to Code to convert the graph to design script in a code block
  2. Copy code to Clipboard
  3. Open a new file in ver 1.3
  4. Paste the copied code in a code block.


  1. Nodes lost
  2. All nodes might not be converted to code.
  3. Some alterations to code might be required ( to { })

However, no such limitations in the illustration below :slight_smile:


Hey thanks. Can try that.

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