Open Dynamo 2.3 files with Dynamo 1.3

The current project that I am working on requires us to use Revit 2016 which is compatible with Dynamo 1.3
The problem is I have a good dynamo file (developed by someone on the forum) that has been created using the newer version of Dynamo 2.0
I am trying to open it with the 1.3 Dynamo but It keeps showing corrupted files.
I tried that trick of changing the version number of the Dyn file in Notepad+ but with no hope.
Anyone can help in teaching me a good trick in here?

P.S: File attached.

There is no way to backwards convert the DYN from 2.x format to 1.x format. The major version indicates a breaking file format change per semantic versioning, and as such there is no way to ‘open’ in a prior version. More info here:

So unfortunately you’ll need to rebuild in 1.3 using the prior as a guide. Many features, nodes, and even Revit API calls are not available in these older versions, so that effort may not be an option. If possible upgrade - you’re behind the supported window by two years now so there is a good case for an upgrade based on that as well.