Simultaneous 1.3.3 and 2.0 on Revit 2018

Dynamo 1.3.2 dissapeared from my Revit 2018, only have Dynamo 2.0 but need to work on older graphs.

Do I need to install 1.3.2 again? or can I not have 2.0?

Hi @Joaquim_Agostinho1

You can run 1.3.2 script in 2.0 you shouldn’t face any issues. If you find something wrong please come back here we will help you. Cheers!

But I cannot save it, right? Since it changes to JSON?

What does this means. Can you elaborate may be a screenshot.

is not a feature of Dynamo 2.0 the new dyn format that cannot be used in 1.3.x version?

Correct. 2.X is not backwards compatible with 1.X.

As mentioned above and in previous blog posts, Dynamo 2.0 is a “major” release and this means several things:
Files (dyn and dyf) will be saved in a format that is not compatible with earlier versions of Dynamo. Dynamo 2.0 graphs and custom nodes can not be opened in 1.x.

However, you CAN have 1.X and 2.X on the same system, so you can get 1.3.2 (or 1.3.3) back if you want/need it.

Try uninstalling all Dynamo versions (studio, dynamo for revit, dynamo core) for all releases and then do your installs over again.

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I have reinstalled 1.3.3 and it now works. Thanks.