Variable String to Text

Hello all,

I am kinda new to Dynamo. I am using it in Civil 3D (been using in Revit for a while as well).
What I am trying to achieve is the following:
I have a polyline with 4 points. I want to indicate elevation at each point. I have a dynamo file and elevations are extracted. what I want to do is to make a text, which will display elevation at each point along the polyline.

I hope I have explained myself clearly.

Hi @IrakliA

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Thank you so much. Now I have another problem:
Once I convert Z elevation (rounded to two digits) to string (object to string node), string gets too many trailing zeros. for example: z is 810.88, after converting to string, it becomes 810.88000000. Do you know how can I get rid of these zeros?

String.Replace node will help there.

You’re welcome! Follow @JacobSmall Suggestion.

And don’t forget to mark the post as solved.

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Why don’t you use COGO points?

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