Assign Elevations to Feature Line from Text

Hello Everyone

I’ve been working for a long time with Civil 3D, and at this time i’ve working with grading, but I need to perform a task that is pretty repetitive, and it is to assign elevations to the vertices of each feature line with which I created the gradings, the method that I currently use is editing from the editor, every vertex elevation making my task a little slow and less productive.

So, I was thinking about the way there is any applicability in which you can select the nearest text with the elevation and assign it to each corresponding vertex of the feature line that previously created.

Annex a drawing as an example of what I need to do this work. I appreciate a lot for the help you can give me. As a new user I can’t upload a file, so in the link you can download the file:


as an idea
Create a text filter through the link

Filtered by distance
Between each PIPoints and texts
closest to her


Take its value FROM TEXT and adjust the PIPoint height

Hi, hosneyalaa

Thank you for answering my request, This method that proposes can be applied at elevations that are only represented as texts?
I will do a test with what you tell me


HI @jaruugarte
There is a problem in this area
Because of the distance from the point and the text 67.03 less than the text 67.00
So you take the value 67.03 instead of 67.00

So filter by distance will not work