Using titleblocks wich arent loaded in the project


I’m new to Dynamo and the forums. For my first dynamo script i want to create sheets from an Excel. I have seen that many people have done this before me, but there is 1 thing i cant get to work and I havent seen anyone else posting the problem I have.

The problem is:

For inserting titleblocks in to the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView node i used the Family types node. This works, but…

I wish to be able to load titleblock families from an file location, instead of standard families wich are loaded in the project.

There for i used the filepath and filefrompath node but this didnt work. How should i make this work?

Hi l.rozendaal,

the node File Path seems to work well with the Document.LoadFamily node

could you please send over your .dyn file?

Hello Mauro,

thnx for your response.

I tried using that node but for some reason it kept giving me an null value. So i started a new Dynamo and i tried it there with just those 2 nodes ( File Path and Document.LoadFamily) and then it worked.
So i think there might be something wrong with my script. I have 0 programming experience so I think I also might be running into some problems because i dont know wat is happening in the background.

This is wat it looks like up close:

And this is the overview:

at some point i had just A4 portrait working, the other sizes didnt work, but it created only 1 sheet. (in my test Excel sheet i have 10 sheets) before hand, when I used the Family Type node as input, it did create 10 sheets.

here’s my current Dynamo file:

Sheets aanmaken verschillende formaten.dyn (85.2 KB)

I am sorry for the big post xD. I realize i’m a big noob in the Dynamo world so i apreciated every word of advice ;).

Thank you!

Hi l.rozendaal,

your script seems to work well. i think you might need to change two things:

  • Change the lacing of the node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView to longest

  • Try different title block (e.i. this one)

A0 metric.rfa (308 KB)

here the .dyn file and the excel that i used:
drawing list.xlsx (8.1 KB)
Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView.dyn (23.5 KB)

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Hello Mauro,

I put lacing on longest in old script but didnt work.

I just started over with a new script and i got it working with the: Document.LoadFamily Node from the clockwork packages. I think I bugged the old script somehow.

Thank you for the Help Mauro :+1: