I cannot get this node to work.

I have a simple Excel file with 3 columns (Number,Name and View Name) i then Transpose those into each value and pass it to the node.

I used the Family.Symbol.ByFamilyNameAndtypeName to feed the Titleblock symbol but it returns and input not matching.









Thanks for the help again

as far as i can see your level index is out of range (index2 but maxindex = 1)

Thanks for the reply Peter, can you point out where i can set that maxindex value please?

All 3 lists seems properly populated no?


I’m not using the List.Count, should i?

I added it, get’s me 2.
Here’s all the files needed if you want to check:

Thaks for the help

Anyone else has an idea?

viewsdaniel that is as far as i got.

i wired the title blocks family’s name directly.

the views are existing views handed over as views.

name and number are strings.

and it is producing sheets.


This seems like a simple enough script to be running and have had it working in previous releases, but I cant figure.


Sheets from Excel

Morning Peter,

thanks for the help. I’m passing the family types straight into the node but i still get an error. I tried to reproduce your workspace, here’s what i got











I’m running

Daniel, good afternoon, just returned…

what error do you get?

btw iam on the daily build of 20141222Txxxx

Good morning Peter, sorry for the delay.

It’s working better now except for a small detail :wink: Both views are being created on the initial sheet.







Here’s the definition.(BTW found out that if the viewport is larger then the Sheet Dynamo will throw an error) :slight_smile: