Title Blocks on sheet

Our current company set up for sheets consists of a sheet with a border(title block family) in std format of A4, A3 A2 etc with a seperate title block placed on each sheet (another title block family.
I have a script to generate sheets from excel which works fine… but i cannot find any way to place 2 title block families on a sheet…
I can see when i get the titleblocks from an existing sheet that it has 2 title blocks. just cant figure how to place 2 on a sheet ?
possible ?

Creating a family containing your 2 titleblocks would not work?

the short answer is yes, but if it is possible i would prefer to do it within our current company standards ( wether or not agree with them is alonger story).

I think this will have to be a two step process. You can create your sheets with first titleblock. Then use FamilyInstance.ByPointInView from Clockwork to place the second titleblock at the origin of the newly created sheets.


FamilyInstance.ByPointInView does not work in my case, do you know why? Is there anything special with your title block family type?

Nothing special. Are you getting an error? You probably need to adjust the lacing.

No error, just a null value.
OK, it works now,I just had to reboot Dynamo

Perfect… simple solution thanks. always good to get another perspective on a problem :slight_smile:

Always glad to give an additional perspective.

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