Adding second Titleblock family to all sheets


When I create sheets with Dynamo i have 2 titleblocks i want to add on every sheet. 1 titleblock family is working fine with the node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView.

But im trying to add second titleblock family with Family instance.ByPointView Node.

But it gets valye “null” what ever im trying to to do. I have set value to X, Y, Z in pointbycoordinates node.

second titleblock family.dyn (15.5 KB)

Does anybody have a workaround?

Looking forwards to hear from you.

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the output from first process is Sheet, the input needed in Second Process is View, try to use Sheet.View Node Before FamilyInstance.ByPointInview

Thank you for your answer.

I tried your suggestion. but still no action.

Do you think its another way?

Perhaps another nodes for sheet inputs?

i thinks it the way how dynamo works, that all script runs together. so it’s fail to wait until first node run to get the result.
make it 2 script, or try to take the sheet from the LIst.Creat not from Sheet.ByName …

Seems like something wrong with the Family instance.ByView node, could someone please check the Dyn file that you get same result?

Thanks in advance

Anybody with some suggestions for this?

I think you had it right the first time, a Sheet is a View (‘Sheetview’ in Dynamo) and you dont want to put the title block in the view on the sheet.

But you can also copy paste title blocks between sheets, so it may be easier to place it once and then do Paste to Selected Views to paste it to all the other sheets.

@stein1987 Adding a Transaction.End node and a pass through will prevent the FamilyInstance.ByPointInView from executing until the sheet elements have been created first; I failed to test the graph before making these changes so the Transaction.End node might not be necessary. Also be sure to change lacing to longest on the FamilyInstance.ByView node


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