Using Dynamo to Identify non parallel walls


I’m currently working on a dreaded curved building at tender stage, and am having huge problems dimensioning elements due to non parallel walls. !

Although we’ve made a good effort to use scope boxes to draw elements snapped to XY, throughout the project’s lifespan, many elements have been drawn slightly off axis.

Has anyone had any success through dynamo (or other plugins) to identify non parallel walls, and possibly to correct them?

This post might be of interest:

you can use clockworks element.location to get the curves of the walls then use the below to find the angles of the curves

I used to have a Dynamo graph set up for use in Dynamo Player, that did something like the above, but also told you the degrees off each element was from either the most common angle, or the angle of a selected target.

I don’t have access to it anymore, but I can try to rebuild it at some this weekend, and will share what I get.

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Has anyone had any success through dynamo (or other plugins) to identify non parallel walls, and possibly to correct them?

As for plugins, I have been using PointSense for Revit about an year ago and it also had such a functionality:

for comparing against a single vector you can do this

I’ve been exploring this. I defined major angles (0,45,90,135,etc) and then add angles for unique building wings. I did notice that hosted doors, windows, etc moved when rotating walls small fractions, So I grab element location before the rotation and then set element location after a rotation. I defined a max deviation distance for the endpoint of rotating walls. Any wall outside of the max deviation gets a reference plane for dimensions later.

Manage.ReplaceNull Lunchbox node appears not to be available for latest Dynamo version.

I get ‘null’ values instead of something else. What am l missing? I want to be able to identify the walls which are not compliant and colourise them within Revit.

List.ReplaceNull is from the clockwork package…

I am using that node, but it still returns null.

How do l set the colour of the non-compliant walls to the colour ‘red’, having isolated the walls which are null / non-compliant?


Please create a new topic for this as this is a new question rather than reviving a 5 months old topic… :slight_smile:
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That has not helped me.

We can help you when you create a new topic specific to your problem, instead of on this separate issue that has already run its course.

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Element Location +

What package is this node from?

Clockwork. :slight_smile:

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Is there fully resolved Dynamo script that I can download somewhere?

Thanking you in advance


Not that I have handy.

On the plus side, building it from the images will help you learn more, you may come up with other uses for this or efficiencies in the code, and you’ll know that all nodes are in your library.