Directionality of walls in Dynamo

Hello everyone!

Is there a way for Dynamo to extract the directionality of a Revit wall relative to true north? Say recognize that a wall is facing north.



Yes. Just extract the walls location - that is a clockwork node - and check against vector x or vector y these are ootb nodes and check for angle.Unfortunately i am not at the computer



In the package from Rhythm there is the function below, but I don´t know how it works. ??

I’d like to know as well. :slight_smile:


Feed wall elements into the wall input. And the normals input will take the output of the node that peter mentioned.

Hello everyone,

Any chance you know if something similar exists for identifying window/door orientation? I managed to get the facing vectors for my elements but am unsure how to translate that into north/west/south.

Just Calculate the Vector of the element

y = N




just an FYI guys that if walls is an arc and not a straight line, Wall.Orientation will not return a correct vector. Get archi-lab and a node called Wall.ExteriorDirection which will deal with arcs and straight walls.