Correcting/ highlighting Walls at inaccurate angles and distances

Hello to all.
I want to create a workflow which achieve following objectives.

  • Identify the walls which are at accurate angle (89.666 or 44.799 etc.).
  • Round off the angles of walls to defined angles (0,45,90,135,180 etc.)
  • Identify the parallel walls which are at inaccurate distance.
  • Round off the distances between them.
    Any guidance on useful nodes and tips to workflow will be highly appreciated.

I have reached thus far…22-09-2018%201050
What I wanted to do was select elements whose angles are not accurate, add mark X to them and in the filter highlight the elements marked X.
When I am trying to do, I find out that even the walls drawn with ortho on in revit are showing inaccurate angles.

An easy way to round to any desired angle would be dividing by any number, rounding it, then multiplying. In a code block you could try this: out = 45*(Math.Round(x/45)); Unfortunately I am not experienced with this so I can’t help you beyond that.

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Did you already look at similar threads? In the lady few days I saw these Two:

Thanks for this. Actually my problem is that whatever workflow is devised. Even the normally drawn walls with ortho on are also showing inaccurate angle. (only horizontal are showing correctly). Do any workflow we do will highlight all walls. Why should walls be inaccurate ? Problem with Revit or with that node?

I did something a while ago with conduits rather than walls
I used Dynamo to set a parameter for each object, then used view filters to identify the non-orthogonal objects

You could possibly use a similar approach

It might be a problem with revit or dynamo not being able to round properly. I actually think the fact that these numbers are showing up isnt even a problem because mathematically 89.999… is the exact same number as 90, there is no difference. I’m guessing that dynamo is only going to like 15 decimals then rounding down to …998.
to easily understand this think 1/3 = 0.333… then 0.333…*3 = 0.999… Are any of the angles you get when drawing walls off by more than 0.00001 degree as shown in your first image?

Hey thanks for the update. I was little confused how to proceed after this. But your post cleared some doubts. I have moved this far:
I have extracted the angles and segregated the angles which have minor inaccuracies (revit issues). Now I am stuck only here: How to call the elements corresponding to the inaccurate angles and feed to the change parameter node. I am using this with a view filter which highlights all walls which has mark X.


Hi All
Since the above post, I have been able to finish workflow which highlights inaccurately angled walls(With use of view filter highlighting the walls with mark X). Here is the workflow.

Now I am trying to create similar workflow for parallel walls which are not at rounded off distances from a “guide wall”. Now this is not functioning correctly in all situation. Here is an example where the distance between the walls is not as per actual (as highlighted in screenshot). Also attaching the dyn and revit file so that you can try and replicate this.

trial.rvt (2.4 MB)

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