Using Dynamo to create Title Sheets

Hi Team,

Has anybody got a script for dynamo player, that will populate mass title sheets that I could possible use? I’m currently adding them individually at the moment and its a long process.

Thanks Nathan.

Hi @Nathan_Gravity

When comes a topic for creating sheets @Brendan_Cassidy 's script would be best.

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Dropbox changed public folders so link doesn’t work, lucky i have just updated it here for the 0.5 version with a 0.6 version nearly completed(includes UI’s)

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Sorry, where do I find the latest download?

See My post above for correct link

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Have you had any success on this?

I just recently did ours. It collects multiple sheets, reads the parameters on the selected sheets, joins them and throw the value in the Title on Sheet parameter.

If you can upload a sample file with the title block and indicate the parameters that you want to join, we can help you further.

*** Sorry didn’t realized that this is a very old thread. My bad!

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HI @Revit_Noob

Many thanks for the response.

We have purchased a add-in licence which works wonders and does everything we need populating the title blocks and more.

thanks again

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