Creating sheets in Revit from Excel

I seem to be having some difficulty making this actually produce sheets in my Revit file. I was able to create sheets using this workflow before, yet now it won’t create any sheets. The program is returning with no errors so I’m at a loss as to why this isn’t working.


You have a titleblock plugged into your view input. The view input needs to be an actual view. I use an empty drafting view. Since empty views don’t get placed on sheets it “skips” that part and creates new sheets with no views in them.


Thank you for that. I had noticed that I had the wrong connection earlier but neglected to go back and correct it. When I plug in the drafting view, everything flushes out perfectly; so my new question is do I need to have a view block in there in order for this to work?

Also, as you can see from the bottom of my op, I’m trying to add in other information to the sheets as well: discipline, author, draw order, issue date, etc. Do you know how I would work these into the coding as well? I’m still a beginner at Dynamo but I’m very interested in getting my office working on it more fluently.

It will not work without a view plugged in.

For the other question you need to set those parameters with Element.SetParameterByName. Feed in your list of parameter values to the appropriate node and that should do it.

On a secondary note, you may want to have a look at this one i have created that could help you out.

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Thanks Brendan. I was able to get the desired results from the earlier scripts but I can definitely see how what you are working on will allow for expansion in sheet creation. I will delve into it this weekend and let you know how it goes!

Hi, Brendan,

It was informative and helpful going through the excel to revit dynamo script v0.4.

Is it possible to have a nested (an expandable tree) within the sheet structure. Like a sheet series as a header and then it expands. Example - 1st Floor will have 1st floor associated drawings.



Please show a example because if i understand what you are after then you wouldnt do this via dynamo because it is quicker and easier to do it as part of your revit project file standards(project browser setting).

These are generally organised by reading a parameter and sorting by it on a given setting.

I will only add things in that I feel are of advantage to everyone that uses the script, and the sheet organisation of the project browser is something everyone does totally different.


Yes you are correct in stating about the project browser setting.

But in our case, we are working on projects that are on a very large scale and as an example each floor areas are divided into numerous zones having different sheets.
In the current airport project that I am working on - a single floor plan has 20 sheets divided into zones. For the entire project this poses a challenge and is prone to errors.

I am attaching an image of a small nested type structure that I am looking for -

Thanks for your suggestions.


Re look at your browser organization properties and go to grouping and sorting and set how you want things to be grouped within there,

This could also require you to apply a additional parameter value to each sheet after it is created to help you sorting. Dynamo can help you apply all these parameters to each sheet but it will be quicker for you to align the browser organization properties to how you want them to be for the project.

If you follow how the Sheet size parameter is applied within the script you would do the same but change values and parameter name.
Also there is a 0.5 version released into the wild which you can get to via the pinned link on my twitter -

Example which is done via additional parameters to each sheet:

Thanks a lot.

@Brendan_Cassidy The twitter link is no longer valid :slight_smile:

I would love to get my hands on your code for work!