Using data from Excel to populate Label Parameters in Revit


I am new to this Dynamo thing so forgive me if this topic has been covered. Basically I am in process of trying to migrate a prototype drawing set from AutoCAD into Revit. Because there is a bunch of information that is always need from each project I want to set up and excel file that users will input the project information into and then import that information into Revit.

So here is the basic premise of the first thing I am trying to do. In excel I have a project number (for example 12345). In Revit I have a title block set up with a location that has a Label Parameter where you would input the project number. Basically I want to extract the project number from the excel file to the Revit Label Parameter. How would be the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you.

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You just have to use Read.Excel node, get the values, write the values using Element.SetParameter node.

I would suggest for a begginer to have a look at some basic information about dynamo. Below are the links.


Thank you for the quick response. So I understand how to extract the information from excel. The part where I am hung up is pointing it to a text label in Revit. Following your method in your photo points to Families, is there away to point to text label, or do I need need to make the text label a family or parameter in Revit first?

I’ve attached some images. In the first you’ll see the text label I’m trying to complete encircled by red. The second is my dynamo file extracting the job number from the excel file (which is successful). Now the goal is putting that job number in that text label. Thanks for your help!

Since I am limited to one image per post, here is the second. Thanks.

I actually figured it out! Turns out I need to find the ‘Project Information Category’ and set that parameter.

Thanks for your help!

@tkuhn89 Glad to know you figured it out :thumbsup:

Hi can You help me that I need to enter the text values in comments parameter to a pile by their type mark