Using data from Excel to set parameter values for all elements of a category

Hi! I’m still pretty new to dynamo and the forum, so please let me know if I’ve left something important out of my question.

I’ve attached a picture of my dynamo graph and I want to note that all the nodes I used are OOTB and there are no packages being used at the moment.

To summarize what I’m trying to do:

  • I’m writing the level parameter names of all doors and windows in the project to an excel file.
  • The excel file then maps the level name to a number that I have set on another sheet in the excel file (the nodes in the group are used for part of the mapping process).
  • Dynamo then reads those numbers into a list
  • Lastly dynamo uses the list of door and window elements and the list of numbers from excel to set the parameter values of all the windows and doors to those numbers

The results are what I would expect in all the nodes, and I don’t get any warnings when I run it, but for some reason the doors and windows in the model get their parameters set to the wrong number and I don’t know why.

If anyone has any thoughts as to why, I’d be greatly appreciative! Also, the graph takes a pretty long time to run (at least longer than I would’ve thought), so if anyone sees a much more efficient way of doing this that I should look into, I’m all ears!

I tried looking for similar posts, help topics, and examples but what you see is the farthest I’ve been able to get with it so far.


Wow, I found another post that I hadn’t seen before, removed the list.combine node at the end and that did the trick! I thought I had tried it without list.combine before but I guess I changed something else in the graph since then to make it work.

For anyone having this problem too, here’s the post I saw that gave me the idea: Using data from Excel to populate Label Parameters in Revit