User note on Dynamo Player dialog

I’ve got a graph where the input is a bit confusing.
So I’d like to put a note of explanation on the Dynamo Player dialog.
Tried a String with a renamed Watch node, but the text string only show up AFTER I run the graph.
I want the text to show up immediately when I click the “Edit Input” button .
I suppose I could add just a string and check the IsInput, but that’s a little tacky. I don’t need or want it to be editable.

Use the Data-Shape package

What @Daniel_Hurtubise said. You can have a message pop up as soon as the user clicks run.

But I want it to show up BEFORE the user clicks run.
This is an informative message that explains what the other Input options do
BEFORE they run them.

Then it would have to be in the inputs like you mentioned. Or have documentation on your graphs.

And after that the user can set the values accordingly. You can even set the ‘help’ link to a support page on how to use the graph.

This is how I prefer to do my graphs for Dynamo Player as they become more user friendly, allowing for a more intuitive experience (the edit inputs button is kinda hurried after all).


Have you tried renaming the input node?
This worked for me:

Use a brief description of what input the user requires to do. The example below node name is ‘Excel Tab Name’ what user sees when using Dynamo player is the same as the node input name.

‘This is just asking what Excel Tab is the data you want to read from.’

Dynamo Graph node name:

Dynamo Player User Inputs:

Hope this helps.


I think this is what you are looking for, Create a string, and set it as input:

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