Dynamo Player - No 'Edit Inputs' button

I have a script that I’d like my team to be able to use with the Dynamo player, but it needs input (selecting the desired level) from the user. From theAutodesk website, it looks like I’m supposed to click the ‘Edit Inputs’ button, but I’m not seeing this in my Dynamo Player window. Is there another way to do this? Is something wrong with my Player?

(image below shows the sample script directory)



Which version of Revit do you use ?
The “edit” function is only available on Revit 2018.1.

Ah. Ok, Project is in 2017. Bummer.

Is there a package that would add this functionality in 2017?

Look at Data-Shape package.
It provides an user interface.

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Will do, thanks!

I have Revit 2018.2 and I also cannot find the “Edit Inputs” button. Can anyone help with this?

On Revit 2018.2 there is an update. You can choose if elements are input to set in player or not. Open your script in dynamo, right click on your string etc, and chceck “is input” if you want to set its value in dynamoplayer

i have that problem too -using revit 2018-

I have a colleague using Revit 2018.3 and the inputs are not visible in his computer. I have been looking everywhere but does not look like the issue is related to the Revit Version. Has anyone been able to sort this out when the version and the "Is input " are correct?
PS: My colleague is using (as stated before) Revit 2018.3 and Dynamo 2.0.3.