Dynamo Player icons

Now that we can have user input in the Dynamo Player UI, I’d like to suggest that the “Edit inputs” icon have more prominence than “Run script”
Make the “Edit inputs” icon large & the “Run script” the same size as “Edit in

Or, perhaps even get rid of “Edit Inputs”
If a script has inputs, “Run” would open the Inputs dialog.
If none of the nodes “Is Input”, it would just run.
I can’t think of any time you’d want to have some nodes “Is Input” and NOT bring up the input dialog.

The graphs you run often on a set and only want to have to program the project standards every time. One such example is masking interior elevations on a sheet - where you don’t want to require the user select the type of filled region, the line weight for the boundaries, and the offset distance. Having to click that second time would be painful.

Certainly agree about the larger icon though.

OK, I concede your point.
Thinking some more about this last night, I came up with another scenario.
Is there a way to set the Player to “Run Automatically”? (vs Manual - one-run per “Play”)
I’ve got a graph that randomizes Curtainwall panels.
It uses an Integer slider & it would be nice to just adjust the slider and see the results immediately instead of Adjust, Run. Adjust, Run. Adjust, Run…

Not sure this is achievable - maybe with a series of data shape nodes with stringed ‘cancel’ buttons to allow for ‘stopping’ when you’re happy with it. Would not be fun to wire up though.

Beyond that, if you could do this, I’m. It sure you would want to. Dynamo player removes ALL data from the ram at run completion, so subsequent runs require recalculating and reloading everything from scratch. As such so ‘automatic’ and on the fly input adjustment aren’t an option. This reduction in resources is a major advantage of Dynamo Player over basic Dynamo, so likely best to leave that alone.

However this is the exact type of environment produced via basic OOTB Dynamo for Revit.