Use the 'Document.SaveAs' node to save as an rfa. file

Hi to everyone

I created a graph like this to batch add family type parameters, and I also want to use the ‘Document.SaveAs’ node to save the family. Everything else is fine, but after running, I noticed that the family was saved 10 times. How can I modify it to save only once?

I’m not familiar with the custom nodes you are using, but I’d imagine that since you are feeding multiple lists into the FamilyParameter.SetValue Nodes, its output is triggering your DataStream.Await node multiple times.

This is sort of hacky, but maybe you can take the output of FamilyParameter.Setvalue and use something like List.FirstItem to filter out the rest of the list and only trigger the save once.


How many values are there in the data[0][0] code block?

Thank you very much for the new ideas you provided. I will try some other ways.

Just one. But I found that this may just be a bug; when I started the graph again, it ran perfectly .

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