Batch Add shared Parameters into Families

Hii Everyone,
I’m just trying to create multiple shared parameters into family documents ,
i’ve used the DAN EDU pacakge and try Orchid Package , but nothing , anyone can help me ??

I’m using Dynamo 1.3.2 with Revit 2017

Apologies I’m not at a PC, maybe this helps…?

Thanks a lot for your reply
but i have a lot of issues with Orchid Package because of its setting up , I’ve used other packages, and the dynamo graph run perfectly but still have issue with closing the family documents, as shown in attached pictures

But when open the Family, this message appears


I suspect that you’ll want to run a graph just to close the family which is stuck open…

You’ll note that I have ‘data await’ which is the equivalent of ‘pass through’ before my close document… hopefully that fixes it?

Otherwise, if you upload a couple of test files we can have a look?

I think you’ll find the DanEdu package will just get more out of date, so I’d advise a strategy for replacing :slight_smile:



where should i put the pass through node in my graph ?
What is the " Set Shared Parameter " Node function ?

The graph in the image has Data.Await, which you can replace with Pass Through…

Those nodes were coded by Erik, so he’ll have to say what exactly they do, my interpretation is that you are background opening the shared parameter file so you need to close it once you’ve read the contents…

the nodes that i used don’t open the shared parameter file itself so i think that im not in need if using passthrough

Hmm… but you are feeding the shared parameter file in? So it must be being read? Otherwise why feed it? If it’s being read you need to close it…? :slight_smile:

is there any way to close it before saving my family documents ?

I think the Set Parameter Node was coded by Erik for this specific situation :frowning: it’s possible someone else has made an equivalent node, or you could have a dig around in the api to recreate it yourself?

This is the graph I have been using with much success from @Erfajo.

Thanks for your response but i have a problems with orchid Package Setting Up

Thanks A lot Mark.Ackerley , this is the reason for all issues, so i have made a workaround and use "Save As Document " Instead of Save and Close.
Now Every thing goes on the right way.

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That’s really smart, great work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks A lot Mark

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Hi, These two packages which version in Dynamo. I can installed but it got only ABOUT node nothing else. Will you help me out?