Node to save RFA in other Location/folder?


Im sure you guys have noticed that if you save a revit family in the same folder with the quicksave button it almost all the time gets bigger even when you havent changed a thing.

Does some1 have a node that saves files in different locations/folders ? I know there are some good nodes that open a family in the background and then a node to save them. I have not found the one to save the somewhere else though.


Are you making changes or just moving the file. You could copy it instead of saving.

When a file is 2000kb and you just save the file in the same location where you are asked to overwrite the file and you say yes, a lot of times the file becomes 2400kb. A little bigger. When you you the button save as , and then save it in another location where you are not overwriting anything the file suddenly goes from 2400kb to 2000kb or to 1900kb or something.

This only happens when you open the file and save it. So copying wont help or do anything sadly.

Try it with a simple family file you have.

Clockwork has a Document.SaveAs node.

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Yes but that saves the active document. Not the different rfa’s (families). So i would have to go in each family seperate. Then it would be faster to just pres the normal save as button I think …

I think I did find a node in the DanEdu package. Save in location or something. Gonna try that one.

Thanx for the suggestions guys

Look into the background processing capabilities in combination with the clockwork node.

I have deprecated the DanEDU package, please use the Orchid package, it covers most operations concerning families.
If you think a saveas node would benefit, then it is no problem to make one.


I have updated my package to version 200.2.0 / 130.2.0 at Github. I added Document.Save and Document.SaveAS to this build


I have downloaded the Orchid package and data (Orchid_130 + Orchid_200) but i cant seem to install it.

My steps:

  1. Downloaded Orchid inside Dynamo 2.0.
  2. Closed Dynamo + Revit and went to the Packages folder
  3. I replaced de Existing orchid content with the Orchid_200 content. (bin dyf extra + pkg)
  4. Opened Revit17 and Dynamo 2.0
  5. Orchid package disappeared from the menu, but when I try to install it again in Dynamo it says that it has to uninstall the old package.

Am I doing something wrong at the installation ?

hope u can help.

This should be the only needed procedure…

Thank you for the explanation. It is exactly what I did but cant see the orchid add in.

It shows Orchid in the manage package folder but not in the add-ons menu.

Please try the new executable installer reachable from GitHub.

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