Set Parameter Value for multiple .rfa's in 1 run

Hey guys ,

Can anyone help me ? I am trying to fill in parameter values for a batch of families that are not in a project.

I cant seem to get it to work. Does someone know what I am doing wrong ?

When I am not in the document I cant get the node “FamilyType.Name” (Orchid) to work.

When I do open the family document it does.

You need the Orchid and Data-shapes package to run the script. Everything to test is included in this post.
Family1.rfa (340 KB)
CCPS_BMG_SetParValue_TEST.dyn (54.2 KB)

Could you just change the value in the project definition then export your families to a library?

It is a question for people to help me … I am not accusing anyone. Just asking help because I cant figure something out and I put all the info there. Put the scripts , and everything. …

The families are not in a project. Just trying to set values for a batch of families without opening them.

Do you have any idea how ?