Use GeniusLoci's SetElementOverrides to override element color in view returns null


I am trying to override the line color of some of the elements I filtered out in view in Revit through Dynamo. Right now I am able to find the OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties to get the override and Document.ActiveView to get the view I want. The default Element.SetOverrideInView seems like not refreshing the view I am currently on so I used GeniusLoci’s custom node View SetElementOverride instead. However, the output list of the final node seems like only exporting null elements. Could anyone help me identify where I did wrong? Thank you.

My script is provided below:

Hi @jackli9299,

Unfortunately the OverrideGraphicSettings of Dynamo are not directly compatible with custom nodes taht call the Revit API.
Use instead the Create OverrideGraphicSettings node.