Element color override in viewS

Hello guys,
I am trying to color some elements in multiple views. I was trying to use the ootb node “Element.OverrideColorInView” but then I realized that it just works in the active view! I guess what I’d need is exactly the same node but additional to the “element” and “color” inputs also an input where I say in which views I want to color the elements
I tried a node in “hot gear” package, but unfortunately it didnt work, i, using revit 2018

any help ?

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Hi @anthony.hindi

You can use OOTB nodes also:

hello @Kulkul
thank you for your reply,
but i think the OOTB node will override elements in the active view,
i would like to specify the view(s) i want to color override elements in

Thank you

Your Override Graphic Settings node is looking for Projection Pattern Id but you’re giving it a color. You can probably leave that input empty if you don’t need to change the fill pattern.

Also, you could just set up a filter.

Hi @Nick_Boyts
I tried removing the color node still didnt work,
i can’t use filter, actually im trying to override some walls using element ID coming from an excel file in multiple 3d views,
i succeed to do it in the acive 3d view only,

I’m trying to color specific elements that come from a list (from the filter by bool mask) not categories or other.
Any help ?

You might have to try Python. Most of the custom nodes that use the active view are in Python so you could use them as a starting point.

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I’m also looking for a way to color specific elements in specific views. In my case, highlight specific walls (a list of lists) in specific views (a list).

So far I’m left with two options:
a) create a filter for each view based in parameters of the walls. I’m trying to avoid this, because I don’t want to fill my project with 100+ different filters

b) figure out how to change a node that uses ‘active view’ to accept a list of views.

@Nick_Boyts, is there a way to access the script from built in nodes as OverrideInView?

I found a way!

I edited the Clockwork node OverrideElementTransparency.
By editing the python code is possible to set other overrides than Transparency.

For example, I used it to set a pattern and a pattern color (changes marked wih #)
Don’t forget to set the lacing to longest!