Element.overrideinview a little help needed

Hello all,

This is probably due to my limited understanding of Dynamo…

I am trying to override the cut lines of a wall in my view, which i have selected with the node “Select model element”
I then found the linestyle i need the wall to use and used that as input for the override.
This doesnt work, and i am not sure why.

I guess it would be possible to override a linestyle like this right?
My guess is i need to enter the linestyle used by the element instead of the element itself?

To clarify,

I need the outer lines to be set to < invisible lines> so they are not visible in view and only the cut patern is visible.

You need the Override Graphic Setting node as an input to the Override In View node, check this link:

Hmm then i guess what i am trying to do isnt possible…
I am trying to override cut line style, which isnt part of the override graphics settings.

I think you need to work with “cutLinePattern”

When i try to override the cutlinepattern with a line style called < invisible line> i get an error message.

The script is set up correctly because it does override the cut pattern if i enter an actual line pattern as override.

The problem here is that i am trying to edit the line STYLE, which you normally do manually in revit with the Lineworks tool. I need to override all lines in my view to invisible lines so i wanted to make a Dynamo script for it.

It seems like my problem is rather simple but i cant seem to find a solution for it.
I think these nodes wont work because they edit the graphical overrides, where there is no graphical override for a linestyle.

I do not think doing invisible is feasible in Element Overrides, since the interface does not support it.
Does “White” color override work for you?

Sadly, it doesnt…

The background is in multiple gray scales depending on floor thickness.
The point of this is to remove the lines for all walls ABOVE a floor, so you can see in your plan view where there are wall openings directly BELOW floors.
If i use a collor override or line pattern it blots out the underlying wall projection lines.

There is no other solution than to set the line style of my cut wall lines to < invisible lines> which i do manually with the lineworks tool.

I really hope someone has an idea how to get the linework tool working for Dynamo…

Out of curiosity. what do you do with the Cut Pattern?

The reason i ask is can’t you hide the Element?

The cut pattern needs to be visible because it shows where a wall is ontop of a floor. The lines should only show walls below a floor. So:

We make structural plan views with concrete floors.

The important thing to see in these views is whats happening below the floor, so where are wall openings directly below floors etc. but you also need to see what’s happening above the floor (because a wall above a wall opening on a floor is a line load)

To do this we hide all walls that are on a floor in this view, and use an overlay view that only shows the walls above the floor. Next, i use the lineworks tool to set all lines in the overlay view to invisible.

And this is the desired result:

This way, you know that at A there is a wall opening directly below the floor and a wall standing on top of this floor and therefor you have a line load.

At B there is a wall directly under the floor and on top of the floor, so you dont have a line load in this case.

If is dont set the lines to invisible in the overlay view, the projection lines in my original view are less pronounced since there is a line drawn over it.

To clarify a cross section of this particular view.

I think the best solution is to make the lines white (as suggested) but make the lines dotted too (with a as big as possible spacing).

Are you saying the lineworks tool can’t be used in Dynamo?
The best solution would be to apply the linework tool on all elements in view.
I cant find anything about the linework option for dynamo…


Well that sucks.

But is the white + dot approach not useful?

Imo it is the best possible solution for now.

After a quick test i didn’t get good results with this approach.

It is far from ideal but i think overriding the lineweight to revit’s minimum and a dot with a large spacing is probably the best for now.

I do wonder if it would be possible to use the linework tool via a python script node…

I ran into the same problem sadly…

I am hoping one of the Dynamo guru’s reads this thread for maybe a suggestion how to use the lineworks tool via a python script node, or a nudge in the right direction…

I am pretty sure it can’t be done with Python either.

How so?
As long as lineworks is in the revit API i should be able to call that function with a script, am i wrong?

Shouldnt it be possible to launch the linework tool with postcommand in a C++ node and then making dynamo select all edges/lines in view?

I have been thinking, since the linework tool doesnt seem to get canceled by dynamo would the following be possible?

If i could make Dynamo pick all lines in view, or just select them i guess the lineworks tool, when running should do what it supposed to do right?

Would it work if i manually open the linework tool and then select all edges/faces whatever it is the linework tool is picking to do this semi automatically?