Updated Sheet by Excel file

Hi guys,

Can you please help me with my problem ?
I have created script for create new sheet from Excel. But now, I want to update many sheet as :

  • Delete existing sheet
  • Create new sheet ( If there has not been appeared in excel before)
  • Update information of Existing sheet (Revision, Name, Sheet Number, any Data of Sheet, e.t.c )

I just thinked about filter for existing sheet as image below. Can you help me about idea ?
Thank you so much.

You are filtering strings, not sheet elements. Wire the All Elements Of Category node into the list of the List.FilterByBoolMask and then use Tool.Eraser or similar node to remove the elements from the Revit model.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your idea but if I filter element instead of string, I can not know what sheet I want to change. So I choose “Sheet Number” because I can control this easily that I can compare with data of Excel file.

For example:
I have sheet “A2000 - Ground Floor”. I want to change it to " A2000 - Level 01 " or " A1999 - Ground Floor " .
And one more thing. When I insert 1 row between existing row in Excel that ordinal of index will be changed. How can I control that ?

Thank you so much.