Creating sheets from Excel - Don't overwrite existing

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I’m pretty new to Dynamo so I’m not sure if something similar has been addressed before. I’ve made a Dynamo file which creates drawing sheets from an Excel spreadsheet. I Need to run it twice in order to fill in some shared Parameters so the Sheets are organised how we want in the Project browser (i’m not sure how to get this with 1 single run). This all works fine. The Problem is, when the Excel file is updated ie. more Sheets are added, plan names change etc, every sheet is added again into Revit. Is there a way of checking if a sheet number already exists in the Revit file so only new Information from the Excel file is read? I’m sure there is a way but I’m afraid the answer is going to be too hard for me to comprehend.

Have a look at this link from Archi-Lab. Could be useful for you.

Thanks, this could be useful.

In that example he is using python script for some nodes which I’m not game on trying at this stage. He mentions that there are now OOTB nodes which will do the same thing. I don’t suppose anyone knows what these may be? The main thing is I need some function which filters out sheet numbers from my Excel file which already exist in the Revit project. I’m using Dynamo 1.2

Any help would be great, I’m still unfamiliar with a lot of nodes


Input list: excel data.
Bool: excel sheet numbers not equal to sheet numbers in the project.

Output of that node will be sheet data from excel which doesn’t yet exist in the project. Create sheets using this data for our inputs.

For changing names use a separate script - why worry about threading and sorting stuff from two lists when you can just start fresh after making the sheets?

Get all sheets. Read sheet numbers for all sheets. Sort sheets by sheet number as a key. Sort excel data by sheet number as a key. Lists should now be matching lengths and in the same order. Set the list of sheets parameter value to be the sheet name from the excel data.


is it possible to place two Title Block family’s when this script creating sheets?


This is an interesting topic, I suggest to create a new topic, I have seen this query few times now and did not seen any answers either. If I get you correct you want to have different titleblock sizes when you create your sheets from excel correct? Although even you have created sheets via dynamo with one titleblock, changing it manually later will be really easy, but I supposed still a good question/topic.

just a suggestion.

This is amazing ! Existing sheet is no longer be overridden! Thanks

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