Creating different size sheets

Hi everybody

This is my very first dynamo script. A simple script for creating sheets in Revit from an excel file, which I have created with help from youtube tutorials.
My next step is to create different paper sizes for each sheet linking to information of paper size in the excel sheet. In my excel drawing list I have been trying to filter the rows from columns containing “A1”, “A2” and so forth to create sheets in the corresponding paper size, but I have been unsuccessful.

Do any of you have ideas as to how I can filter the sheets?

filter it by name, for example like this

Thank you! But wont this just create a list with rows of “A1”, “A2” and so forth? I will still need the information about drawing number and drawing name.

there are a lot of post for filtering…look at this for example: Element filter by name

In the name of efficiency, you’re likely better off grouping the data BEFORE you create the sheets, and then creating the sheets with the appropriate title blocks the first time out. Reason I think this will likely be faster is that one transaction is almost always faster than two - half the ram is used, less filtering/sorting/whatnot. This will require you use some list levels and lacing to make it work, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve gone though the primer first. Feel free to post back if you are still stuck.

I got the script working. I make a list for the different paper sizes in the excel document, then I use SearchListForString to sort the list. With this i find the corresponding title and number with GetItemAtIndex. Thanks for the help!

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