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Practically everything I learned from Dynamo, was due to this forum, so I came to ask for help
I am looking to change some parameters of my Revit sheet using excel
I based my routine on some similar ones on the forum, but I’m stuck in a part that I can’t change.

The entry reads the spreadsheet and a text (which will be associated in column G of excel)
So when you type “ALI-TERR”, you must fill in the rest of the data on the sheet with what is on the line

My sheet takes data from a revit table.

the data in column A of excel, go to B of the Revit table
Excel “B” go to revit “C”

How do I get it to take the data only from this entry line and not from the entire spreadsheet, to complete my sheet?

Sheets.dyn (35.6 KB)


I’m not sure I understand exactly… Are you looking to extract only data from column G and check whether the cell contains “ALI-TERR”?

How about ‘String Contains’ instead of ‘==’

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@renanemeyer Try this: Sheets.dyn (36.6 KB)


:grinning: great! worked perfectly! thank you so much

do you know how to inform me how can i fill in the data for a certain column in the spreadsheet? like this?
I’m using element.setparamterbyname but the paramter name = the column name is not working


Shouldn’t you be setting the parameter of the Element? Not the Schedule?

If so, I would export the Element ID to your Excel as a column, and use that to Get the Element and Set the Parameter…

Hope that helps,