Create sheets based on Excel but with comparing existing sheets in project

Hello all,

I`ve created a script to create sheets based on an excel sheet, the script also fills in the title block. So far everthing fine! But I would like to take the script a step futher, I would like it to compare the sheets in the excel with the sheets in the project and based on that only create the sheets that are in the excel and not in the project. So if the sheet is in the excel and in the project it needs to skip that one.

So in this case I have a list with all the sheets in the project and I have a list with sheets that should be created by the excel.

A TEST-500 sheet is in both the project and in the Excel and the TEST-400 sheet exists only in the Excel file and should be created in the project. The way it is working now it creates new sheets in the project anyway and Revit number the new sheets by itself.

Anyone who could help me with this? Thanks in advance.

Edit: The watch node below is the result of a filter that filters the sheet number from excel, the top watch node are (as mentioned) all the sheetnumbers in the project.

I would suggest you utilize a way to check items from one list against another and if it is within the list it will be true. Then you filter out the true elements so you are left with false elements which are currently not within your revit file.

I did something similar with the following Excel to revit sheet creation script that you may want to have a look at

Can I somehow download these files so I can look into them?

With your help I already managed to filter the sheets that are existing in the project by true/false. The difficulty now is that I have to ignore the row in the Excel sheet were that sheetnumber is existing in… Any thoughts about that or is that in the example you mentioned?

Switch the checker the other way round to filter out excel sheets against what it finds from revit sheets. This way you will be left with excel sheet information. This is because you do not require the existing revit sheet information for anything else.

Easiest way to download them is to go here and click download or clone button and then click download zip

Could you help me a bit more with this? I`m struggeling to find the right nodes.

I attached my file so far;

sheet_view_creator.dyn (192.2 KB)

The lower part is working now, it creates the sheets and fills in the paramaters. With the top part I wanted to create the filter/comparison of sheets already in project… I`m way off I think but maybe you can bring me back on the right track…?

Is there anyone who could help me with this please? I`m kinda stuck… Thanks!