Update Deprecated Nodes?

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to Dynamo. I just received a file with the following warnings (the file used to work).

‘DSRevitNodesUI.Categories’ is now deprecated
Warning: Method ‘grpCrvs()’ not found
‘CurveElement.Curve’ (RevitNodes.dll) cannot be resolved

Basically, I don’t know how to upgrade my nodes to be not-deprecated.

Because of this deprecation, I think the input values to my other nodes are now NULL, and thus they are not working either.

And additionally, the created function cannot be found either…

All help is appreciated,

Thanks and cheers!


Hi @andrew1.evans

Just install latest stable release Dynamo 2.0.2. You can download it from here:

Hi Kulkul, thanks for the reply!

I installed 2.0.2 but I am plagued with the same messages,

“Graph Contains Unresolved Nodes and Cannot Be Saved.”

Specifically, “‘DSRevitNodesUI.Categories’ cannot be resolved”

I have absolutely no idea how to fix this!



@andrew1.evans could you please drop here dyn file?

Hi Kulkul, thanks for the reply. I am not quite sure I can past the dyn file as it was given to me by my boss and I’m unsure if they would give me permission to do so. I can ask and then drop it. Sorry,


Also, confirm you’re launching Dynamo from inside Revit (via the manage tab) as all of these issues are related to Dynamo pulling Revit functions, so if there is no direct Revit API access (as you’d get by launching Dynamo instead of Dynamo for Revit) you’d be unable to resolve these.

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Hi JacobSmall, thanks for the response!

This actually solved the deprecated nodes problem. I was launching in Dynamo directly, so thanks!

I have a few new issues, one is that there seems to be de-referencing a NULL pointer and the other says,

“Warning: List.Flatten operation failed”

“Method ‘grpCrvs()’ not found” --> Previous guys function. But I can see a code block where this is defined, however it isn’t connected to anything

Cheers guys!