Archilab Nodes Deprecated

Hi… I recently spent many hours working on some Dynamo graphs and eventually got them to work as I wanted but upon revisiting them a while later I find that I get a “Deprecated” error message. See attached screen capture.

Does anyone know exactly what this means and how to go about solving it ?

If relevant, I am using…


Hi @DeanB72

And also Which archi-lab version your using?

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Hi @DeanB72

I’m still learning my way around Dynamo myself but have you recently updated the archilab package?

If so then the nodes may have been superseded. I’m sure these will have been replaced with something similar (more than likely improved in some way).

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the replies.

I’m not sure which version of archi-lab it was but the first thing I did was download a more up to date version to see if that fixed it but it made no difference.

It’s likely that they are in an older version of the package. Please post the entire graph and relevant files, and I’m sure someone else can help you find the replacement nodes. Hard to do with only the info we have though.

To be honest… If this is likely to keep happening, I won’t bother using the nodes, it’s not worth the hassle of repeatedly trying to track down and rework a solution. It’s probably more important for me to know why it’s happened so that I can judge whether it’s worth continuing with.

Nodes get updated. It happens and it’s generally a good thing. I’m pretty sure that as long as the node keeps the same name it will update fine and there will be no need to rework a graph. In your case, you probably used a node that has since become obsolete. Sometimes nodes get updated and changed to a slightly different node with better functionality but sometimes the function gets added to Core Dynamo and a custom node is no longer necessary. Don’t worry over having to rework a solution, especially when considering nodes from some of the more common packages. They know what they’re doing.

Edit: Looks like they’re both still available. Probably moved to a dll.

What does moved to a DLL mean ?

A dll is just a library of code. Rather than creating a bunch of individual dyf files, some packages use a single dll to house the code for all their nodes.

These nodes get deprecated as soon as you change their name, class name or namespace location. Either can change for variety of reasons. It’s quite a bit of extra work to change either of the three, and prevent deprecation from happening, so I didn’t really bother. Apologies, but producing them on my free time was hassle enough.

“Moved to a dll” means that at some point in time before, they were available as Python custom nodes, and later, I have moved them inside of a compiled assembly (DLL file).

I think what Nick is saying is that the Archilab package got faster and smarter and in some cases parts were converted to zero touch nodes.

Also these types of nodes are often updated to work with newer versions of Revit. Remember as Revit updates so must the packages, so this ‘problem’ isn’t really gonna go away entirely.