Unexpected issue with dynamo after repeated play of script

I have faced with strange issue while repeated running script in the same session. First of all, nodes don’t show me results preview while pointing out to the node. Second, dynamo freezing if I run the script for the second time. And finally, I faced below mentioned issue if I want to reboot dynamo in the same Revit session. So to avoid this issue I have to reboot Revit every single time.

@denisyukj ,hi

which Revit and Dynamo Core do you have? Which packages are in your script?



@Draxl_Andreas, hi!
I use Revit 20200708_1515(x64) 2021.1 with Dynamo Core The only OOTB node I am using is Passthrough node from Archlab package. I am also using custom python script nodes containing some code inside.