Dynamo Player executing frozen nodes

I’m working with dynamo in Revit 2019 at the moment and when I noticed that when I run a dynamo script that contains frozen nodes through dynamo player, it ignores the fact that they are frozen and executes them anyway. My finished product won’t contain frozen nodes, but while I am testing things, I need to freeze stuff and this is getting in the way. Is there a setting somewhere I can change?

Not sure I have seen this, as I always just disconnected or added a pass through via Boolean control.

FYI @Bzz

I would say headless Dynamo executes frozen nodes. Player doesn’t have control over script execution.
We’ll have investigate and propose a fix. Until then you can use @JacobSmall solution.


I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my scripts. When I ran them in Dynamo they ran as expected. But in the player they generated tasks I had frozen.

I did she this in the know issues:

  • Toggling the freeze state can cause a node to be executed twice after editing a Code Block Node.

I’ve never ran into that issue yet.