Script problem or issue with how I'm interfacing with Dynamo?

I’m a bit frustrated right now with Dynamo. I’m suspect there is something about the way that I’m working that is exacerbating this. I find myself writing scripts, only to find they work the first time I run them but later can’t seem to get them to work consistently.

Is there some protocol I’m unaware of, that allows Dynamo to “refresh” after I’ve run a script? I am endeavoring to use these with the Dynamo Player and perhaps this back and forth is part of the problem.

I seem to do much better with editing a script after I’ve entirely rebooted Revit but resorting to this everytime I make an edit to a script seems an unlikely necessity. I’m attaching a couple of scripts that seem to have sporadic performance but I honestly don’t know if they themselves are the problem or if there is something larger going on. Any help learning how to use this promising tool better is greatly appreciated.

Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit


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You can use force-execute button in TuneUp or you can close the graph and reopen it. Under setting, you can turn on “show run preview”. This will highlight nodes that will run. Dynamo does not rerun all nodes by design to save computing time.

Using DP will also solve this problem as it opens and closes the graph each time you run it.