Dynamo Scripts Breaking Upon Save / Dynamo Disconnecting Node Links

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with Dynamo effectively “eating” scripts?

When I work in different versions of Dynamo and sometimes copy packages from my main package library to use across different Revit and Dynamo versions, I notice that Dynamo behaves odd and sometimes does not run scripts properly. If I edit and save the scripts, then reopen them some of my node connections have disappeared effectively breaking my scripts.

I’m wondering if this is down to some kind of conflict issue between packages, but the nodes themselves appear to have no issues raised.

Getting a bit frustrated with this as it’s happened across D1.3.4 D.2.0.3 and D.2.1.3 and I can’t really get consistent Dynamo usage or deployment for multiple users without a centralized package library.



Three quick bits of advice:

  1. Move the 1.3.4 users to 2.0.4. This is supported for Revit 2017 to 2019. Keeping to a 2.0 or greater tech stack will reduce issues.

  2. Deploy packages and graphs for each Revit version. What works in 2019 may not in 2020, may not in 2021, may not in 2022… this is the nature of software. If you update your OS the soft which which sits atop it may break, and each Revit release will have a new Dynamo build and API changes. Testing the graphs can be done quickly by saving the 19 folder to a 20 folder, and running each graph on a sample data set. This can even be done at scale with stuff like Journal automation. Adjust graphs as you find the breaking changes.

  3. make sure users are getting packages off their local disc. It’s easier to manage, more secure, faster and more reliable this way. Your IT department should be able to help you with a robo copy routine that moves all packages onto the local disc when the user logs into the network.


Hi Jacob,

Can confirm the node links break even when no packages are installed, however note that now I’ve deleted all packages and nodes from the packages directory, I get this error upon opening my scripts - which is likely the culprit. Any idea on how to work out what nodes would be unresolved and causing issue? (other than the ones that show up red or have unresolved written across them).


Went into the script and replaced all the nodes with “unresolved” written across them with updated versions, then saved as (which going by the error should have stopped any nodes being removed). This is not the case and has still removed lots of nodes that previously appeared fine.

Before save as:

Seems that nodes that were fine (grey colour) are removed, can’t see any pattern as some are connected to red nodes (from non-loaded packages), and some were just attached to other grey nodes that weren’t erroring.

After Save as (and resolving nodes):

Note that these are only parts of the script and I can only upload one image at a time due to being a new user. Other areas of the script are also doing the same thing.


After save as (and resolving nodes):

Which Dynamo version are you in?

Can you upload your Dynamo log (Restart Dynamo and make a new graph, then use ctrl + shit + up arrow to bring up the console in Dynamo. Log location will be listed in one of the early lines).

An associated Revit journal could also help. I recall a similar behavior in an old build where this behavior would reproduce if there was a Revit add-in generating a DLL loading conflict for CEF, WPF or some such dependency.

It may require a more direct review, in which case submitting a ticket to Autodesk support is likely best. Let’s look over the journal and log first just in case.

HI Jacob,

Dynamo Version is:


I can’t upload attachments, so I’ve uploaded the 2 last Dynamo logs (shortest is the new script as per your instruction, longer one is the previous log) and also the last Revit Journal from Revit 2020 to the dropbox folder below: