Unable to load Customized Nodes

Hi there, I have created few nodes for our workflow in the office but, unfortunately, things are not working well.
The workflow I used was the following:

  • Created a complex node with 15 inputs and 17 outputs;
  • Saved the file;
  • Created a Dynamo routine file and inserted it to test it;
  • Everything worked;
  • Went back to the complex file and saved it with a different name;
  • Opened it and made the changes I wanted;
  • This was done 8 times;

Up to the 5th time, my newly created nodes were all loading and displaying in Dynamo’s Browser under my folder called PM.Sheet.Titleblock. After that, the following nodes are not visible nor accessible from the Library browser. This incurs of my not being able to use the last three nodes I have created.

Is there a way to solve this issue? As I do not have Admin rights on my PC, I am unable to create a real local library. Is this the cause of my issue? Is there a way one could load a node into a Dynamo routine as it is done in Revit when updating a family?

I thank you beforehand for your help and attention.

Kind regards,


Hi @Haley_Jovi_Cazarini

Report your issue here https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues/