"Custom node definition is not loaded!" Don't let me edit


This is very basic, I’m new to Dynamo and to the forum.

I try to run this scrip on Dynamo 1.3.1:

But three of the nodes says “Custom node definition is not loaded!”, and don’t let me edit or see what happends or how to resolve this issue.

Is the application missing something, for other users it worked (maybe in another version).

I don’t know if something here will resolve my issue:

Upload an image of your graph please. You’re missing a package but we can’t define which one until we see where the error is. If you can’t open someone else’s graph due to this type of error try re-building it from a screenshot.


Sorry, I take the screenshot but forgot upload it.

I got three missing nodes “Math.RandomInteferMin”, “Number.ToString” and “FamilyInstance.ByGeometry”.

I know what they should do, but I cant even read the code.

I Donloaded the “ELK” package, but don’t know if I need some other, and in that case, what package it would be.

Thanks @erfajo It worked! I only get one missing :yum:
But now I know how to fix it, I have to find the correct package.

It was “Landform” package.


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Hello, I’m new to Revit and Dynmao. I’m using a script to create masses from rooms. The script was shared by @Thomas_Schalnat. At one of the nodes I’m getting the following error message:
Warning: Math.RemapRange operation failed.
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source
What can I do to resolve this matter?

Best to start a new thread for this as your post isn’t really related to the original topic.

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Thank you Jacob. I followed your advice and started a new topic.