Having trouble loading a custom node

Hi All

very new to dynamo & was wondering if anyone can help me identify why this particular node is not loading ? i downloaded a file called copyVeiwsfromdocument which in turn uses some rhythm nodes but this one doesnt load, ive seached for it but havnt had much luck, any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks.

dodgy node in red, workflow below

many thanks


maybe the node is old and deleted in the package…cant find it in rhythm

arh ok, well it was from the beginning of the year, would you know of another node that mite work in a similar way ?

image this one maybe:)

thanks, will give it a go see if i can get the thing to work, much appreciated

it works copying all the drafting views across to other project but doesnt copy all the drawing work on them

You can check what’s going on in Rhythm on Github:

thanks for the link

This node still exists, I just migrated it to a ZeroTouch version. Would a “CopyViewFromFile” node be beneficial?

hi john P

thanks for your reply, i tried the node from above & it all works perfectly much appreciated, now i just need to figure out how to be a bit more selective with the drafting views & elements that i want to bring across to the projects im working on.

thanks again


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