Error: Custom node definition is not loaded!

I attempted to attached several files, being my first post here I’m not sure if it went through. Anyway, the problem is this, when I create a custom node from selection and save it I will not be able to use it again once I close dynamo. I get the error in the title and that’s all she wrote.

The attached files are the the custom node, the original file and the file with the previously working custom node (“short” at the end). I have a version saved in the default location (appdata…roaming…definitions) as well as one stored on a server for access by the rest of the organization. Neither work. I can’t even open the custom nodes at this point, not sure what it might be.

If it matters I’m in the latest release for Revit 2015, dynamo 8.2.2932, Surface Pro 3 with Win 8.1.

can you try uploading it again? or linking to it from somewhere? you can post the text inside the file as well.

When you save the custom node is it a .dyf file?


MassFloorTCACountSortOrder MassFloorTCACountSortOrderShort TCAMassFloorMagic

here goes another try…