UI Table Map data use as input in Dynamo

Hi my friends,
I am looking to insert some data on Table form something like the one in the photo but i searched too much to find a node in package to do that but in vain, even in Data Shape not exist.
I really do appreciate any kind of help or guide to do that.
Thanks in advance


this photo form a video on YouTube but i don’t know what he did to get this kind of UI to use to input the data as table form.


Do you still have the link to the youtube video? That UI is unfamiliar to me but there may be enough screenshots of their full package library to work it out.

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Thanks bro for your concern,
But i already checked every package showed in the video but no one is using UI nodes at all.

Looks like a custom winform to me. Unfortunately people don’t tend to share these in their videos or tutorials as they’re quite complex to set up. It looks a bit like the UI for the TableInput from DataShapes, but more complex in that it’s forming a set of block/family type pairs.

Maybe try this tool by BirdTools which aims to do the same thing:

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Many thanks Mr. @GavinCrump and I do appreciate your help, In my case i am looking to receive a table of concrete dimensions of isolated footings form the user and use it inside my dynamo script so i am looking for an UI has the shape of table form to receive that. ( I don’t preferer to read an external excel sheet to get these data) So do you have any ideas can help me to do that?
Thanks in advance :heart:

Short of learning winforms or wpf, no, unfortunately.