Popup window for tabular data input

I require a popup window that takes data from user in form of a table/list. This has to be in revit environment, not in excel


Do you have a sample script that shows what you’ve tried so far?
What kind of table/list data do you want the user to provide? Manually-typed? Harvested from the model?

The Datashapes package is usually a good first start to anything involving User Interfaces.

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Im looking for manually typed table list data. I haven’t found any similar option in DataShapes.

The package creator has a pretty good write-up here.

You’ll need to provide some input fields for the user to define # of rows/columns, but the concept is in the image (also from the package creator).

What I’m trying to achieve is I’m showing the user a table of data (some of which are current parameter values), and then allowing them to make edits. Is it possible using DataShapes?? or any other package nodes?

You absolutely can (but there’s some things to consider).

The key is the Data input on the UI.DataTable input node. It’s looking for a list structure. The example given is just a code block that generates a list, but that could very well be the output from a GetParameterValueByName node.

Here’s a quick mockup:


Notice that the datashapes node converted everything to strings (which is why setting the Flow parameter failed but Mark and Comment work). You’ll have to address things like that, and the end result is that your graph will need to be tailored to the specific parameters you’re looking to work with.

A few other things to consider:

  • Instance vs Type Parameters
  • Inability to set values for Linked elements
  • User Input error in regards to numbers vs integers vs string vs Yes/No
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How to increase the height of the DataTable list?

I have two list in data tables and its very short