Is there a user interface?

Hi all,

I’ve just finished my very first real script! YEAH!!! Woehoe!!!
Now I want to tweak it a bit.
Fot instance…in the Dynamo script data from an Excel sheet is imported.
The location and name of the Excel is pre-defined in the script. Use a different location and/or name and the script wouldn’t work. If I want to make it work I must change the script itself.

BUT…is there a way the user first has to fill in the “user defind” parts (like file location, file name, etc.) in a form of pop-up screen in Revit when he/she uses the script??

Hi @Mike_Wellink ,

check out @john_pierson all new Rhythm.TextBoxInput node.
file paths are strings so you can just write the filepath in the textbox.


Hmmm…okay. That’s a step in the right direction.
But I haven’t got Revit 2017 yet. So I can’t use Dynamo player.

I’m more thinking of some sort of Visual Basic pop-up screen that holds all the fields that the user must enter before the script does what it’s suposed to do.
Or am I just a few years to soon with this request? :wink:

You don’t need dynamo player to use this node. It could be used exactly in whe way you’re describing. So far there’s just this one with one input space for text. But since winforms are accessible via ironpython, all kinds of input forms can be made … I was thinking about spending some time creating some nodes to do that, I think John is at it too :slight_smile: so some stuff should be available soon.

Ah…I love the futher! :slight_smile:
More thing being made!
Does a colleague of mine that uses my script needs to have the node from John Pierson to in order for the script to work?
I remember something like that from my Dynamo course. When I have a package installed and use nodes from that package. Other users of that script would have to have those packages installed to for the script to work.

Non the less…Thanks for your reply Mostafa!
MUCH appreciated!

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That’s absolutely correct .

No problem ! :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm…okay. That’s going to be an issue then.
I’m a developer here (sort of :wink: ) and love this stuff but normal Revit users don’t want to be bothered with installing stuff for making tools to work. They just want to use the tool and get on with there daly routine.
So I’d like to use as less packages as possible. Preferably non at all.

@Mike_Wellink, you can create a shared package directory for all of your users. :slight_smile:

At the very heart of Dynamo is community, and disregarding that is a little unfortunate. Without the community and the package manager, a good majority of workflows would simply not exist. I understand the desire to not want to rely on packages, but there are ways. :grin: If you are already deploying Dynamo to your users, you can deploy the drive mapping as well.


Hi John,

I don’t think we are deploying Dynamo to all users here. Only a handfull are using Dynamo to develop “tools” to make our work better and faster. I’ll look into it with our supportteam. Usefull tip! Thanks!

Would be great to have a User Interface that pops up the minute a user activates a script asking the user to fill in the blancs. And in your script I must copy and past tekst (if I’ve seen it correctly??). There isn’t a way to use the Windows like “interface”? You know…when I must provide a file location I click on “browse” and my windows file explorer opens up. I then select the folder or file and I’m done. click on run and the script goes on.
Or is that very hard to create?

I think you have to teach your users to click the browse button, thats not so hard to do, right :).

The file browser interface is on my list next. :slight_smile: As for difficulty, it involves a bit of python and trial and error. (for me at least).

Typically when I make a node, I try OOTB nodes first, but often turn to python for more specific workflows. Since Dynamo player has come out, I have become much more interested in UI enhancements. The package these nodes are in is Rhythm BTW. :blush:

Also node-mode is @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi’s package I believe. He has some UI stuff as well.

We are making UI Form tool for Dynamo scripts. It will be released soon and will work with Dyno

Some promo video))


Aleksey…That’s great stuff!
I’ll keep an eye out for the first release! :wink:

Super promissing!!
until then, I made this little thing :

Hope it helps!


That’s more like it!!!
I’ll check it right after my lunchbreak! :wink: :wink:

just gave that a go, looks pretty nice and works !



Is it possible your node causes instability in the Dynamo manager?
I installed your packages this morgning and after running the script it did not finish.
And when I shut Dynamo down it gave me a notification that Dynamo stopt working and that I could report that to the Github site. After going through saveral scripts…non of them worked anymore.

I just un-installed Dynamo and re-installed it and now all the scripts are working again.
And because the only thing I changed to my laptop was your script. So is it possible there’s a little bug in the script?

Wow that’s not anything i’ve experienced … I don’t see a reason why it would happen , it’s just some python in a node … did you make sure that there wasn’t a form window opened somewhere and waiting to be closed so dynamo could get back to work ? Also, I think it’s safer to use it in manual mode.
The feedback i’ve had so far didn’t mention stability issues.
I have moved the nodes to a package called data-shapes . Please try again and let me know if you still have the same issue . Looking forward to hearin how it goes .


I find it odd myself. It’s just before adding your packages all was fine and after it “crashed”.
I also thought of an open form window but I could not find one.
But I’ll install your package again and try it.
After I’m done getting my piles out of Revit automaticly. So frustrating…not knowing enough of revit to get the right nodes in Dynamo for what I need! :frowning:
But that’s the learning curve I have to go through! :slight_smile:

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi,

I installed Revit 2017.1 this morning and updated the script files I was working on. Also I reïnstalled your User Interface.
So far no problems with Dynamo locking up.
I do however have problems getting the script to work.
I got the File Path working however “S” or String command isn’t working.
Hahahaha…well…I got an “Run completed with warnings” notification.
On running the script I do get a UI pop-up window. I select the excel file to get it’s location and I type 50 in the text box and hit “set values”. And I get all “null” on a equation “A >= B”. Were A is a list and B is the value from the UI form.

Were do I go wrong?