How to get user input

Dear all,
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This is my first post here but always come here to seek answers about dynamo.

Now, I want to know how to get user inputs, for updating the revision columns for selected drawing sheets.
For example, I want user input for Revision number, Description, Drawn, Date and to enter the drawings from and to.

I am very new to this dynamo. Please if someone tell me how to start and execute this. I hope I can pickup.

Thanks in Advance.

What did you find so far on this topic?

Check out the Data Shapes package and read about it here:


The latest version:


Dear all,

Using the UI.MultipleInputForm++ I have created a script which gets user inputs for revision nos., Description, Drawn, Date, Checked and Approved and updates all the sheets. This is first step.

Second Step would be to get the sheet numbers for which the above revisions will apply.

A big Thanks for all of those who share their knowledge.

Note:- I want to show the script to you all and to get better ideas, but unfortunately the new users cannot upload.


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Dear Mostafa,
In your script, you have used Boolean (true or false). May I know the function of this.
Thanks in Advance.

@ksultanahamed which part of the script?

See the highlighted part of the attached image.

It’s a toggle. It helps having better control of when the form is created and also allows to queue forms: whenever a form is created and filled, the “was ran” output returns true. That boolean value can be used as a toggle for the next form to run.
I hope that’s clear… Here’s an example :


Rev Update_20170113.dyn (33.8 KB)
Sample revit file.rvt (2.3 MB)

Dear all,
Please see the attachment, I am able to get the user input and update all the sheets. But when I want to do this task for user specified sheets. I coudnt. Please help me resolve and I welcome any tips.
Thanks in Advance.