UI.MultipleInputForm++ Windows separate instead of together

Hi, I’m upgrading scripts from 1.3 to 2.3 dynamo in Revit 2020. UI.MultipleInputForm++ is not combing the inputs and bringing up separate windows. Example below.

Dynamo 1.3 Revit 2019 UI.MultipleInputForm++

Dynamo 2.3 Revit 2020 UI.MultipleInputForm++

Then next window will pop up and so on



Probably a lacing issue where it’s feeding them in one at a time? Can you screenshot your graph?
EDIT: Also did you upgrade your packages as the jump from 1.X to 2.X was pretty big.

I tried changing the lacing with no luck. Maybe I need to everywhere backwards linking to the UI.MultipleInputForm++? Added graph original post and I upgraded packages.

Can you expand each of the inputs (such as Ui.Listview) that go into the list.create node. If any of those output a list it would cause the error you are experiencing. Your list create node should have an output that looks like

List 0
     0. Input0
     1. Input1
     2. Input2

and not

List 0
     0. List0
     1. Input1
     2. Input2

The man. The UI.DropDown Data had a node that needed a flatten. Thank you!

If anyone else needs to see for help

adding the flatten solved it

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