UI.MultipleInputForm ++ not working in Revit 2018


I was experimenting with the UI.MultipleInputForm ++ node and the UI does not seem to show up.

I have Revit 2018.1 and Dynamo, I also have the latest Archi-Lab, Clockwork and Data-Shapes packages.


Usually this is because it previously ran. Toggle the run input to false, run the graph, toggle it to true, and run it again.

I’ve also had a few instances where the UI pops up under another window as a result of a bug in windows. Press shift + alt + esc to clear that bug, and then try to move your Revit and Dynamo windows to a smaller portion of your screen (say 15% of the screen).

Thank you, but that did not solve the problem, I’m thinking that maybe the node needs to be updated to 2018?

That node runs fine in 2018 on my machine. Show us the node output, please.

Interesting.Try removing the other two packages and see if that changes anything.

Okay, I’m out of ideas here. Any thoughts @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi?

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I uninstalled / re-installed… and now it works!

The UI does not seem to have a close button…

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Hi @Archinecture

If you click on “Set Values” it will close by itself. If you still need any additional buttons you can add inputs in “Button Text Optional”.

Perfect, I was expecting the “x” on the upper right corner but this works too.