UI dropdown for dropdown nodes

Hi everyone,
is there a way to integrate a dropdown node (element types or categories…) in a UI?
let us say I want the user to be able to select an element type or category as part of the input on a UI.
or otherwise, I want to be able to list the “Element Types” in a UI list from which the user can select.Is this possible?

thank you for the help

Data-Shape package has multiple UI nodes

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yeah there are plenty of UI nodes in many packages. I will ask the question differently. I want to be able to list the “Element Types” in a UI list from which the user can select. It is not exclusive to dropdows. is this possible

Yes, as noted the Data-Shape package has a means for this - https://data-shapes.io/2016/12/13/ui-multipleinputform/

Part way down the page you’ll see this:

  • DropDown and ListView inputs: These are created with “UI.DropDown Data” and “UI.ListView Data” nodes. The “Keys” are the elements that will be shown to the user, and the “Values” are the elements that will be returned accordingly to the keys. The keys must be strings ! The UI.ListView Data node allows you to set the height of the list window (notice the difference of list windows height in the following image):



That is a solution for the categories what about other nodes? like Element types?

Well for me i creat the same as you but develolped To extract catégories then choose parameter that you like to extract information from.here the problem the ui won t close even after the simulation.and i get no resault.if you can take a look.and maybe find a solutiondynamo script.dyn (77.4 KB)