Data shapes list node, only allowing single element

Hello, I have been using data shapes node for awhile now, but just recently upgraded it. I noticed something peculiar in the the ListView node. No matter how many items I put into it, it only selects the first element. Is this a bug?

I wonder if it’s combining all your similar keys automatically. What are you trying to do here? It seems a little confusing to be selecting from a list of elements all with the same name. For the sake of curiosity, what happens if you append a number to each element so they all have unique keys?

Hi Nick! they are all the same name because I am trying to modify parameters on one family type. But that shouldnt matter, because they are all different elements. Notice the element IDs are all different. Does it not take different elements into consideration anymore?

If you’re modifying the Type then it would be better to use the single Type as your input rather than all of the instances. The DS node creates a dictionary of Keys and Values. All of your values have the same key and are therefore being combined into one selection.

If I dont want to change the type. I want to change similar instance parameters, to different values each. This selection set just happens to be all the same type. can I modify the same instance parameters to different values by selecting the type? In this case, I need each instance to get its location.

I see this note below was what was causing it to fail. I now that I enabled it, it works just fine.

I think this is actually exactly what you want. It’s combining all instances with the same name (FamilyType) together. Meaning you only have to select the type in the interface but DS will return all instances of that type for modification. The Warning is pretty self explanatory in this case: you had multiple elements grouped together so it couldn’t show Ids.