Inputting Grouped List to "Values_" Input on Data-Shapes UI.Listview Data Node

Hi All,

What I’d like to do is have a list of unique floor types as the keys for the UI.Listview Data node, however, I would like for these keys to correlate to groups of floors (grouped by their type). Hopefully this makes more sense when read in conjunction with the image below:

I only want one of each floor type as the keys for the node, however, if someone was to select the BALCONY TILES key for example, I would like all 5 of the BALCONY TILES elements to be output from node.

I have found a workaround using the method below but was wondering if my desired method is achievable. Has anybody managed to do something similar?


I’ve attached the .dyn file just in case.

Thanks in advance!

TestFile.dyn (32.9 KB)

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